Episode 25: Nutrition’s Role in Powerful Aging A Conversation with JJ Virgin

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In this illuminating episode of Discovering Nutrition with Cronometer, we get a chance to chat with Hall of Famer nutrition and fitness expert JJ Virgin, and dive into the impact of nutrition on aging powerfully. JJ shares her journey from a fitness enthusiast to a leading voice in the movement for women to embrace aging with strength, boldness, and vitality. Through her personal stories and professional insights, JJ illustrates the transformative role of nutrition and fitness in achieving not just longevity, but a vibrant, empowered life at any age.

Key Notes:

  • Introduction to JJ Virgin: Learn about JJ’s pioneering work in nutrition and fitness, her passion for empowering women, and her remarkable journey in the health and wellness industry.
  • Power of Nutrition: JJ discusses the critical role nutrition plays in aging powerfully, sharing how strategic dietary choices can lead to improved strength, vitality, and overall health.
  • Success with Cronometer: Discover how JJ utilized the Cronometer app to facilitate her husband’s impressive weight loss journey, shedding light on the importance of tracking nutrition and activity for sustainable health outcomes.
  • Aging Powerfully: JJ advocates for a proactive approach to aging, emphasizing the importance of muscle strength, flexibility, and mental resilience. She offers practical advice for women to harness the healing power of nutrition and embrace their potential at any age.
  • Personal Insights: JJ shares her personal commitment to fitness and nutrition, including her own practices and how they have evolved over the years to support her vision of aging powerfully and healthfully.
  • Advice for Listeners: Drawing from her extensive experience, JJ offers actionable tips for listeners to start taking control of their health today, regardless of their age. From tracking dietary intake with Cronometer to prioritizing protein and exercise, JJ provides a roadmap for empowering oneself through nutrition and fitness.







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Track your food, exercise and health metrics with the Cronometer app.