Half Of Valentine’s Day Proceeds Donated To Heart & Stroke

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In Support Of Heart Month This February

We're Donating 50% Of Canadian Proceeds Sold On Valentine's Day To The Heart & Stroke Foundation Of Canada

Instead of buying up the flower supply and devouring chocolate all day, we wanted to support a cause that is very dear to our hearts. Okay, we’re not going to completely rule out the chocolate… but this Valentine’s Day, we’ve decided to donate 50% of all Canadian proceeds made from Gold subscriptions to the Heart & Stroke Foundation of Canada 🇨🇦.

Why Heart & Stroke?

We love all of our users and love being able to support them in living a happier, healthier life. With cardiovascular disease being the leading cause of death globally, we think that raising awareness and funding research in this area is important. We’re more than happy to support the Heart & Stroke Foundation of Canada’s efforts behind this and this campaign is only a small step towards how we’d like to continue to support creating healthier communities.

Last year, we ran a similar campaign which we deemed a great success. We rounded up our donation to the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada for a totl of $1,000.

Prevention With Cronometer

Almost 80% of premature  heart disease and stroke can be prevented through healthy behaviours. That means that habits like eating healthy, being active and living smoke free, can have a big impact on your health.

This is where we can help! Not only is using Cronometer a good way to keep track of your habits, it can help to motivate you as well.

  • Log your meals and hit all of your nutrient targets to make sure you’re getting a well-balanced diet.
  • Track your exercise to help you get moving. Syncing a device will do this for you!
  • Track habits like sleep or smoking to monitor them over time. 

So, whether you wanted to upgrade your account to Gold on Feb 14 to support the cause, or simply log all of your meals to make sure that you’re eating a well-balanced diet, we’re wishing you a strong, heart-healthy future!

Happy Valentine’s Day! ❤️ 

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