How To: Use Cronometer’s Biometrics

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Using Cronometer's Biometrics

Our biometrics are extremely handy for keeping track of important health metrics. Consistently logging biometrics like weight or heart rate will give you a better idea of health over time and can help identify trends and correlations with your diet.

 Read on to find out what biometrics are and how you can leverage them.

What Are Biometrics?

As the name suggests, biometrics refer to any health metric that you’d want to keep track of. 

Our database of biometrics include but aren’t limited to:

  • Weight
  • Body fat
  • Heart rate
  • Blood pressure
  • Blood glucose
  • Lab tests like LDL and HDL cholesterol
  • Energy level
  • Mood
  • Sleep
  • Stool

How To Log A Biometric

Logging a biometric is just like logging a food. 

On mobile, tap the + button > Add Biometric. 

On web, click Diary > + Biometric. 

You can then type to search or browse the entries. Once the biometric is selected, you can change the values, the group and Gold users can add a Timestamp. Tap ‘Add To Diary’ and voila! 

Sync A Device To Automate Logging

You can automate the process of logging biometrics by syncing your Cronometer account with one of our supported apps and devices. This will seamlessly import metrics like heart rate, sleep and more directly into your Diary, saving you the hassle!

How To Leverage Your Biometric Data

If you’re logging biometrics into your Diary, don’t just let them sit there! Take a look at how they change over time with Charts

Cronometer Basic (free) users will have access to a single biometric chart, which defaults to weight but can be changed to any biometric that you track. This will help you identify any trends in your weight, heart rate or sleep over time. 

On mobile, tap Discover > Charts. Tap on the weight chart and change the selected metric as needed.

On web, click Trends > Charts and use the drop down menu to change the metric. 

Go For Gold

Upgrading to Cronometer Gold gives you the ability to create Custom Biometrics, so you can track a limitless amount of personalized health markers. Our database of biometrics is fairly extensive, but a lot of times you’ll need something more specific to your needs. 

Start tracking your allergy symptoms, headaches, gas, lab tests and more to help dive deeper into your health. 

Cronometer Gold users also have access to Custom Charts, which allows you to plot your biometrics against any nutrient, helping to identify if your nutrition is contributing to your health marker.

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