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How To Leverage Charts In Cronometer

Our Charts feature can be incredibly valuable for when you want to take a look at your data or progress over time. We have several charts available to all users and by upgrading to Gold, you gain the ability to create Custom Charts. Read on to find out how to best use the Chart feature in Cronometer.

Basic Charts

All of our users have access to two basic charts. Find these by tapping Home > Charts on the mobile app or Trends > Charts on the web app.

By default, two charts will automatically show up in your account – calories consumed and a single biometric chart, which defaults to weight but can be changed to any biometric you select.

On each of these charts, you can change the date range and select whether to include all days, non-empty days or completed days in the data shown.

Custom Charts (Gold Feature)

If you’re looking to dive deeper into your data, upgrading to Gold can make a world of difference by unlocking the Custom Charts functionality. 

Not only will you gain access to a library of pre-built charts, you’ll have the ability to create your very own Custom Charts. This allows you to chart two variables against each other in one graph so you can see if a correlation exists. 

If you can log it, we can chart it. Watch the video below or visit our user manual for details instructions for how to create a Custom Chart on the mobile app or the web app. Keep scrolling for some ideas on how you can use your Custom Charts.

Biometric x Nutrient

Sodium intake can decrease your heart rate. Create a Custom Chart that’s comparing a biometric (heart rate) with a nutrient (sodium) to see if it’s making an impact for you personally.

Fiber intake can have an effect on the quality of your bowel movements. Yes, you can track your stool in Cronometer. If you’re not already, hop to it! Create a Custom Chart that’s comparing a biometric (stool) with a nutrient (fiber) to see if it’s making an impact for you personally.

Caffeine can have a pretty big impact on your sleep duration and quality. If you’re struggling to get those quality zzz’s, create a Custom Chart that’s comparing a biometric (sleep, which can be either from a synced device or self-reported manually) with a nutrient (caffeine) to take a look at how it’s impacting you. There are also a few micronutrients shown to improve sleep quality, like magnesium and vitamin D, which you could compare in a Custom Chart as well.

Biometric x Biometric

Studies show that sleep can have an impact on weight loss in a few different ways. To visualize your personal journey for how sleep quality may affect your weight, create a Custom Chart comparing two biometrics – sleep and weight.

Sleep can also have an effect on your mood. If you’re not already, start tracking your moods as a biometric in your Cronometer account and dive deeper into what may be affecting it by creating a Custom Chart comparing the two biometrics.

Blood glucose levels and heart rate and heart rate variability have been shown to have a relationship. Create a Custom Chart comparing a biometric (blood glucose) to another biometric (heart rate/heart rate variability) to see your personal track record.

Nutrient x Nutrient

With Custom Charts, you can see how exercise might affect your propensity to eat certain nutrients, such as carbs or fats. Create a Custom Chart comparing the nutrient ‘Calories (Burned From Exercise)’ with any other nutrient, like carbs, fat or total calorie intake. You can even drill down into net carbs or saturated and unsaturated fat intake. 

Nutrition Score x Biometric

As a Gold subscriber, you also gain access to our Nutrition Scores feature which you can chart within a Custom Chart.

If you’re wondering about the impact of hitting all of your macro and micronutrient targets, create a Custom Chart which includes the All Targets Nutrition Score as well as a biometric such as sleep or mood.

Electrolytes can have an impact on your mental health. To see how they affect you personally, create a Custom Chart with our Electrolytes Nutrition Score and the mood biometric.

With Cronometer Gold you also have the ability to create Custom Biometrics. Start tracking your overall energy levels for the day or throughout the day and chart energy against a Nutrition Score like All Targets to see how hitting your targets impacts your energy levels.

Nutrition Score x Nutrient

To see how your exercise might impact your probability to hit certain groups of targets, create a Custom Chart comparing the nutrient ‘Calories (Burned From Exercise)’ with a Nutrition Score, such as Electrolytes.

Custom Charts With Fasting Data

If you’re intermittent fasting and tracking it in Cronometer, you can overlay this data in your Custom Charts to see if your fasting history has an impact. In the individual chart settings, scroll down and toggle on ‘Show Fasting Periods’ to view your fasting data on top of the other data.

Custom Charts With Timestamps

When you combine Custom Charts with our timestamp feature, things get even better! For example, our charts could show you how the meals you eat impact your blood glucose hours later on any given day. Check out our Dexcom integration to automatically import blood glucose data.

Show Chart On Dashboard

Want faster access to a chart? You can choose to show any of your charts on the Dashboard (Home) screen.

On web, navigate to Trends > Charts, scroll down to your chart, then click the three-dot icon in the top right-hand corner of that chart. Click ‘Show on Dashboard’.

On mobile, navigate to Home > Charts > scroll to the desired chart and click the arrow icon in the top right-hand corner of that chart. Toggle on ‘Show on Dashboard’. 

That chart will now appear as a widget on your Dashboard landing page.

Go For Gold

Log food ad-free and gain access to premium features like Custom Charts by upgrading to Cronometer Gold. Click here to get started. 

It's Your Turn!

How are you going to use your charts? Let us know on the forums or any of our social media channels!

If you have any questions, check out our user manual page for web or for mobile that goes into detail on how to set things up. Or just email us at We’d love to hear what you think! 

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