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We’re proud to support an integration with BIOSENSETM Ketone Monitoring devices so our keto users can import data straight into their Cronometer account.

BIOSENSETM is the gold standard in ketone breath monitoring as it uses deep lung sampling for the most accurate results – which means you can avoid the hassle of finger pricks and urine sticks! To learn about how different foods and exercise routines affect your individual metabolism, test right before and then again 1 to 3 hours after each meal or exercise session.

At Cronometer one of our founding principles is being deeply rooted in science to empower people to improve their health. BIOSENSETM holds the same beliefs and is the only clinically backed ketone breath monitor on the market!

To purchase BIOSENSETM click here

How Our BIOSENSE Integration Works

Sync BIOSENSE data with your Cronometer account by navigating to the ‘More’ section of the app. On mobile, tap More > Connect Apps & Devices > Devices.

On the web browser, click More > Devices. Select BIOSENSE from the list of available devices and follow the prompts to link with your BIOSENSE account. 

Once connected, select which metrics you’d like to sync into Cronometer and the app will automatically pull the data into your Diary. You can use the ‘Force Sync’ feature to import data from prior days.

You’ll be able to import the following metrics from BIOSENSE:

  • Breath Ketones Score

Leveraging Your BIOSENSE Data

Once you have data importing from your BIOSENSE account, don’t just let it sit around on your Diary screen! 

Cronometer Gold subscribers have access to Custom Charts, which will allow you to chart your BIOSENSE metrics against nutrient intake. For example, you could see how carb intake affects your ketone score. For some more Custom Chart inspiration, check out this blog.


BIOSENSE™ is a simple, accurate, and convenient way to measure ketones in just one quick breath. The BIOSENSE™ device uses patent-pending Deep Lung Sampling technology to perform breath acetone measurements. The consistent sampling of only the later part of the exhalation through this device enables an accurate level of breath acetone detection for nutritional ketosis monitoring.

To find more information or to purchase a BIOSENSETM device, click here

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