Cronometer 2019: The year in Review

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2019 was certainly one for the books! We had a huge year with big changes to both our app and web versions, we hit a massive milestone and added plenty of awesome people to the team!
Some of our 2019 highlights:
  • Did an entire redesign of both mobile and web
  • Released an extensive charting library
  • Hit over 3 million sign ups
  • Released a new fasting feature
  • Attended a plethora of conferences around North America and got to meet many Cronometer users face to face!
  • Hired 9 new staffers
  • 4 team members had babies (including our CEO who had twins)
  • The entire team got together at our all hands week and we planned our awesome roadmap for 2020
  • Our curation team added over 75,000 new food products to our database!
  • We got an espresso machine!
2019 was all about hustle and the team worked hard to make sure that Cronometer became more user friendly than ever!
We have some big projects in the pipeline and some amazing new features to unveil next year! We can’t wait to be part of your 2020!

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