Cronometer Pro Feature: Custom Biometrics

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Cronometer Pro + Custom Biometrics

Cronometer Pro takes your nutrition monitoring business to the next level with our amazing data quality and a bevy of features designed to help your clients succeed!

There are so many benefits to using this powerful tool in your practice and today we are discussing one of the ways we are changing the game by looking at Custom Biometrics and what they can do for you.

As a Pro you can define absolutely anything you want your client to track, have them log it regularly in their diary and then even graph it over a chart to monitor progress.

How to Make it Work for You

How do our pros use this tool? 

The options are truly endless but some common ones are:
  • pain symptom scale
  • number of fruits/vegetables logged
  • blood levels
  • migraine tracking
  • period tracking
  • bowel movements
  • and even exercise like reps/sets and personal records when lifting
Once this data is logged you can also graph it over any other variable in our system to see if there is a correlation between two biometrics – made even better by the use of Time Stamps! All this data will truly give your clients the edge to live their healthiest lives.

How to Create Custom Biometrics

Search our Biometric Database to be sure we don’t already include your Biometric as an option.

Select the Green + button to Add Custom Biometric

Your Custom Biometric will now be available on the list and will also populate on your client’s mobile app!

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