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Meet April!

We know we’ve said this before but one of the best parts about our jobs is connecting on a deeper level with our users through customer service on social media channels! There are so many amazing people using our app in so many different ways and getting to know them on a deeper level – understanding their motivation, learning about their diets – makes us even more grateful they choose Cronometer! 

We met April through a story tag and after a flurry of very heartfelt messages back and forth we knew this woman was on a special journey. Since then we’ve been cheering her on; applauding her authenticity and continually being inspired by her transparency and courage!

How did you learn about Cronometer?

I learned about Cronometer while researching keto on reddit threads. It came up several times as a really accurate and precise tool to track macros and micros. At the time, I thought it was too much for me. I stuck with myfitnesspal for awhile but hated it. I tried so many other “keto” trackers or trackers that had keto as an option but none of them came close to what I wanted, until Cronometer.

What is your favourite feature?

My favorite feature has to be the reports. I love that I can easily see where I am on macros (and micros!) and pull reports on a day, a week, or a month. But honestly I love everything. I use the recipe feature A LOT and being able to build accurate recipes is so nice.

Tell us about your diet!

When I started my keto journey, it was what felt like the billionth first start. But, it felt different almost immediately. It was easy. It helped me lose 120 lbs in about a year and sustain that loss for another 18 months. Keto or low carb is my home. It’s where I’m most successful and comfortable and what makes me feel best. 

I approach everything with a “freedom” approach though. I’ve taken time to consciously shift my thinking from “good” or “bad” food to how does this food make me feel and does it fit my goals? Is it nutritious? Will it give me the fuel I need? If the answer is “no” to most of those questions, but it’s a food tied to a memory or event, and I really enjoy it, I will have a controlled portion. I can easily give up pasta forever but please don’t take my fresh Parisian pastries and breads or my amish sourdough donuts. There are foods that simply feed my soul and so while I don’t have them every day or every week, I make room for them when I want to.

Having come from a disordered eating background, the last thing that would be healthy for me to do is heavily restrict foods that I want for pleasure, or foods that don’t strictly follow “keto” guidelines. If I want a freshly picked fall apple, I will enjoy every bite and feel not one ounce of guilt. Boiled down, I focus on the freshest, simplest ingredients I can possible find and afford, and try to eat those 90% of the time.


Thank you so much for sharing your story, April! 🙂

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