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Meet Elle!

We’ve said it before; getting to know our Cronometer users is the best! We were lucky enough to meet Elle through Instagram and boy, are we glad we did! This ketotarian is awesome, dedicated and oh-so-helpful! Check out our Q&A below to learn how this amazing Cronometer user dropped over 40 pounds!

1) How did you learn about Cronometer?

I found Cronometer because I was looking for a tracking app that would also track micronutrients. As a vegetarian, I always have to be careful to get certain vitamins. As a ketoer, electrolyte intake is essential. Before Cronometer I was supplementing “just in case” I needed something, and it was getting expensive! Now I can focus on getting my micronutrients through whole foods, and if I fall short at the end of the day, supplement only what I need. 

2) What is your favourite feature based on the diet you follow?

Oh man, all of them? My favorite features are the nutrition report, so I can make sure I’m doing well for the week “on average” (and really see how slacking on the weekends impacts me). I’m also a fan of the recipe feature – I use it for everything, even my daily vitamins and go-to salads. 
But the geek in me really loves the ability to set targets based on lean body mass instead of percentage of calories. On keto, your carb max for the day doesn’t change with calories. And for all of us, protein needs don’t change just because we eat less or more in a day! The current nutritional guidelines a reference protein in g/kg lean mass, so I love that I’m able to easily set my protein goals to the guidelines for my activity level, without fussing with percentages.

3) Why ketotarian?

As a lifelong vegetarian, I thought I was doing the right thing by following a diet high in whole grains, fruits, and veggies. Yet, at only 25 I was incredibly sick: insulin resistance, hormone imbalance, migraines, anxiety, chronic fatigue, inflammation, you name it. I was hangry constantly and yet I was gaining weight. My endocrinologist taught me that a lifetime of high carbs, low protein, low fat had led to my health problems. That fat doesn’t make you fat. He recommended the keto diet, and one year later I’m healthier and happier than ever before! All of my symptoms are gone and my blood work is all within normal ranges! What’s more – I’m down over 40 pounds!

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