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We are so proud to introduce you to our Feature Friday this week! Our Customer Service Team is thrilled whenever we get a chance to hear from this amazing woman and are humbled to be considered a factor in her health journey. Please read on to learn how Michelle found success through the use of Cronometer.

“You start to think of yourself as old because you reached retirement age and have been retired for several years. You have more white than grey hair. You wake up in the morning tired. Your joints make all sorts of crackling noises. You’re afraid you will fall and break something just trying to dress yourself. Your blood pressure, cholesterol, and weight keep going up every year. You are tired, achy, cranky, and your brain is in a fog. “It’s all part of the aging process,” you tell yourself. The doctors seem to agree.

One day you become aware of how miserable you feel. You realize that the joy of life has faded and you seem to mope around a lot. You look yourself in the mirror and say, “I‘m sick and tired of being sick and tired.” Ask yourself: “What do you want?” Once you know, you can plan how to achieve it.

I want better health and mental clarity. Now it was a question of using Cronometer and my local gym – in earnest, starting in January 2018. The profile settings and targets were easy to do as the User Guide was helpful. I kept up on the food diary entries. Cronometer was an extremely useful tool to keep me on track. The charting was a motivator for me. After some months, I decided to hire a trainer. Based on my age and progress, we do lots of strength and functional training. I’ve made lots of friends at the gym and also Cronometer folks. I want to give them all a big virtual hug because they have been supportive of my goals, informative, and my biggest fans.

Results? Lost about 40 lbs. Lost lots of fat and increased lean muscle mass. BMI is in the respectable range. I sleep and wake up refreshed. Daily I look forward to a great day with no bothersome aches and pains. Balance is greatly improved. More energy and a much better outlook on life. Blood pressure is as good as a teenager’s. Doctors are surprised at how well I’m doing.

Let me say that feeling crappy is not part of the aging process. Don’t let anyone con you into thinking that. All you need to do is eat a healthy diet and exercise regularly. All the people at Cronometer will encourage you on your journey for a happier, healthier lifestyle. Everything else will fall into place.”

Congratulations on all your tremendous success, Michelle! You’re truly an inspiration to all of us at Cronometer!

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