Meet Gayle: Know Yourself Ambassador

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It's Time To Know Yourself

We’re on a mission to get more people in tune with their bodies. Why? Because when you know what you need to feel your best, you can make informed decisions that have a lasting positive impact on your personal health.

Our Know Yourself Ambassadors have been sharing why they think it’s so important to know yourself, and here are a few more reasons why we believe it’s the key to living your most joyful life.


Meet Gayle

A 62 year old mom of four who never had any weight issues until early menopause hit at the age of 40.

When she had her fourth child, she was living in Hong Kong and tried the Atkins diet. From that point on, the yo-yo weight gain and loss started…for the most part unsuccessfully.

Gayle started using Cronometer in June of this year after developing a high Insulin Resistance (IR) and has seen some immense success by improving her health, keeping track of her nutrition and impressive weight loss of 24 pounds!

How did you learn about Cronometer?

I was introduced by a professional affiliate so they set the targets for me on the app.

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What is your favourite Cronometer feature?

What I enjoyed in the early days of using the app was the ability to check the nutrition value in all of my foods. In the supermarkets if I wasn’t sure of the nutrient and calorific value, I would pull out the app. In fact, I still do!

Now, I’m very familiar with values of the foods I eat daily so I can do a calculation in my head. Then I come home and put the foods into Cronometer for reassurance.

I plan to continue to use the app since it creates a daily discipline that I wouldn’t otherwise have. Especially now that I no longer see a dietitian. This is such a great tool to achieve GOOD HEALTH!

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Tell us about your diet!

I’ve found the app brilliant for monitoring my nutrition. There have been times where I have been on an exceptionally low calorie eating plan (which is deemed to be the best way to reverse IR) and it was imperative to manage my protein levels and keep them high! I have now lost over 11kgs (24 lbs) with Cronometer, and am currently sitting at 69kgs. I feel that I eat very well and still feel like I can enjoy the occasional treat.

I practice intermittent fasting, so keep in mind, I only eat two main meals a day. I have found this to be a really successful way to lose weight.

Although, I haven’t had my IR levels checked yet and even without reaching my goal weight, I have a much flatter stomach. This is the most important thing for me as stomach fat has been linked to high cholesterol, inflammation, heart disease, stroke and diabetes, all of which are inherited conditions within my close family members.

My diet is about health and making the best choices to maintain my health. The weight loss is an added bonus…mostly for my self-esteem but I have tried not to make that the priority!

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