How To: Track Your Heart Rate Over Time

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Improvements To Biometric Tracking Allow You To Track Heart Rate Over Time

We have made some big improvements to our imported heart rate tracking in the app! For those of you importing heart rate data from your devices, you can now track this over time.

Supported Devices

Currently, this feature is only available for users who have Apple Health, Google Fit, an Oura or a Garmin device connected to their Cronometer account. We aim to add support for more partners in the near future.

How It Works

Navigate to More > Connect Apps & Devices, and select your supported device. In the device settings, toggle on ‘Import full heart rate time series’. 

Once an entry is imported, you can navigate to your diary screen, click on the entry and it will bring you to a chart showing you your heart rate data over time. 

Click here to try it now!

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