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Using Cronometer alongside JJ Virgin

Here at Cronometer, we don’t subscribe or push any specific diet. We are here to support you in your health and wellness goals whether you’re on a vegan, ketogenic, mediterranean or you-name-it diet. As of lately though, we have been noticing that a lot of our users are coming to us thanks to JJ Virgin, certified nutrition expert and Fitness Hall of Famer.

So, if you’re following or planning to follow any of JJ Virgin’s programs, challenges or diets, you’ve come to the right place. JJ recommends using Cronometer and here are some of her favorite tips for using the app.

“It’s not just an app, it’s my secret weapon for success!”

Let’s Talk About Protein

JJ is a strong believer that a protein-first approach is the best way to balance blood sugar, optimize your metabolism, and meet your body-composition goals.

She recommends:

  • 0.7 grams of protein per pound of ideal body weight is the minimum for healthy folks and those who want to maintain a healthy weight.
  • 1 gram of protein per pound of ideal body weight if you’re vegan, aging, training really hard, or you’re recovering from illness, injury, or surgery.

So to get your protein target, say I am a healthy person wanting to maintain a healthy body weight. I currently weigh 175 pounds, but my ideal body weight is 160 pounds. I would take 160 * 0.7  = 112, meaning I would need to aim to eat 112 grams of protein every day.

For more info on how much protein JJ recommends, read this blog or start her 7-day Protein First Challenge here.

Setting Your Protein Target In Cronometer

It’s super easy to set this up so that Cronometer does all the work for you!

On mobile, tap More > Targets > Macronutrient Settings. Then tap ‘Set macros using’ and set this to ‘Fixed Values’. Toggle to the Grams option (as opposed to kcals) and type in your specific protein target.

On the desktop version, click More > Profile + Targets > scroll down to Macronutrient Targets. Click the drop down menu for ‘Set macro targets using’ and select ‘Fixed ratios’. Select the Grams option (as opposed to kcals) and type in your specific protein target.

Intermittent Fasting

If your program includes intermittent fasting, Gold subscribers can easily track and schedule your fasts right within the app.

Not sure if you should be fasting? It has been picking up momentum in the health and nutrition space since about 2015 and is growing in popularity across the globe, for good reason. There’s tons of scientific research to support its health benefits and it’s undeniably improving the lives of many individuals.

Sync A Device

Don’t forget to sync a device for a holistic approach to transforming into a leaner, stronger, more powerful you.

Cronometer integrates with several wearable devices and apps such as WHOOP, Oura Ring, Garmin, Fitbit, Samsung, Apple, Suunto and more.

About JJ Virgin

As a triple-board certified nutrition expert and Fitness Hall of Famer, JJ is a passionate advocate of the healing power of nutrition, and is mission driven to change the way the world sees aging and longevity.

She has launched 2 multimillion-dollar businesses, including a 7-figure personal brand, and founded the Mindshare Collaborative, the most influential professional community in health, having propelled more New York Times bestsellers, PBS specials, and 7 figure brands than any other community.

JJ is a prominent TV and media personality who co-hosted TLC’s Freaky Eaters and was the nutrition expert for Dr. Phil’s Weight Loss Challenges. She’s made numerous appearances on PBS, Dr. OzRachael RayAccess Hollywood, and The TODAY Show. She also speaks regularly, commanding audiences of 10,000 or more, and has shared the stage with other highly sought-after experts including Tony Robbins, Seth Godin, Lisa Nichols, Gary Vaynerchuk, Dr. Mark Hyman, Dan Buettner, Mary Morrissey and more.

JJ is the author of four NY Times bestsellers: The Virgin DietThe Virgin Diet CookbookJJ Virgin’s Sugar Impact Diet, and JJ Virgin’s Sugar Impact Diet Cookbook. Her book, Warrior Mom: 7 Secrets to Bold, Brave Resilience, shares the inspirational lessons JJ learned as she fought for her son’s life.

Evidence of JJ’s far-reaching impact can be seen in the millions of views on her YouTube channel, Instagram and Facebook, and through her popular podcast Well Beyond 40 with JJ Virgin, which has more than 18 million downloads and counting.

JJ is a 3x Inc. 5000 Founder and a top 10 finalist for the John C Maxwell award. As an authority on transformational leadership, she has coached some of the biggest names in health and transformed the lives of millions of people around the world.

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