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Keto-Mojo + Cronometer

Get to know Keto-Mojo

Keto-Mojo is an independently owned, Napa Valley-based company that was founded on the principle of making the ketogenic lifestyle accessible, approachable, and enjoyable to the millions of people who can benefit from this way of life. They do that by providing the tools and information people need to follow a deliciously enriching keto diet.

Company founders and entrepreneurs Dorian Greenow and his wife Gemma Kochis personally experienced the incredible health and weight-loss benefits of the ketogenic diet and lifestyle, which inspired them to create Keto-Mojo.

The company launched in the fall of 2017 by offering an essential tool for achieving success with a ketogenic lifestyle—blood ketone and glucose testing kits that were more affordable and accurate than any other on the market, backed by a lifetime guarantee. The company and meter kits were quickly embraced by influencers and educators, and health professionals in the ketogenic community, and Keto-Mojo become the gold standard for testing for ketosis, earning the #1 rating for blood ketone meters by the highly-regarded Diet Doctor website.

Now in 2020, they are taking the #1 rated blood glucose and ketone meter and making in even better. They have enhanced the technology and functionally while once again lowering the cost of testing!

How to Sync Keto-Mojo with Cronometer:

1) In the Cronometer app, head to: More > Integrations > Devices

2) Tap the Keto-Mojo logo

Make sure you have downloaded the app for your chosen device as well as the Cronometer app.

3) Link Keto Mojo

Ensure you have the “Import Ketones” and “Import Glucose” toggle on.

Want to sync Keto-Mojo on the web version of Cronometer?

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