How To: Use The Recipe Importer (Gold Feature)

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How To: Use The Recipe Importer



We’ve retrained the Recipe Importer algorithm. This new and improved version is successfully matching 10% more ingredients, bringing it’s overall success rate to 92%.

Hey there, culinary creators and nutrition trackers!

Get ready to spice up your food tracking with a dash of convenience and a sprinkle of tech-savvy magic! We’re super excited to introduce you to a Cronometer Gold feature that’s going to revolutionize the way you track your nutrition – our ‘Recipe Importer’.

Imagine transforming any online recipe into a Custom Recipe in your Cronometer app with just a simple copy and paste. Whether you’re browsing a food blog for a vegan lasagna or eyeing a mouth-watering pasta recipe on your favourite cooking site, our Recipe Importer is here to make your life easier and your food tracking a speedy endeavour.

In this blog, we’ll walk you through how this fantastic feature works, step by step. Follow along as we share some tips on how to make the most of it, ensuring your nutrition tracking is as deliciously accurate as the meals you love.

What Is Cronometer's Recipe Importer?

Our Recipe Importer functionality is a giant step towards making nutrition tracking easy breezy!

The Recipe Importer takes any recipe, waves a magic wand and automatically builds it in your Cronometer account as a Custom Recipe, alleviating the manual process of adding each ingredient to your Diary or creating a Recipe yourself.

Simply copy & paste a URL from a website such as All or Skinny and it will upload it directly to Cronometer as your own Custom Recipe – all the ingredients, all the measurements.

Prioritizing Accurate Data

Of course, we didn’t stop there. If you know Cronometer, you know that we’re not going to create a feature without accurate data as the centrepiece.

We designed the Recipe Importer to source ingredient entries from our most comprehensive data sources (like the USDA and NCCDB), meaning your Custom Recipes will have the most accurate nutrition data available. Rest assured that you’ll know the full nutrient breakdown your Custom Recipe; every macronutrient and every micronutrient!

The more you use it, the more it learns. This feature is designed to improve over time so import your healthy hearts out and help make all of our nutrition tracking lives easier!

How To Use It

The Recipe Importer is an exclusive feature available to Gold subscribers. If you haven’t upgraded to Gold yet, you can do that here. Need a bit more convincing that it’s worth the investment? Read this.

On mobile, tap Foods > Import Recipe.

On web click Foods > Custom Recipes > Import Recipe.

Paste the recipe’s URL into the field and edit/add ingredients as needed before saving. 

If the website isn’t supported or you have digital recipes saved offline that you’d like to import, click on ‘copy and paste the ingredients here’. This will allow you to copy and paste the text from the recipe.

Leveraging The Recipe Importer

The Recipe Importer helps you to create Custom Recipes and log food faster. Aside from the obvious benefits, here are a couple more creative ways to leverage it’s functionality:

  • Restaurant Hack: If the food you’re looking for isn’t available in our database, try searching for a similar recipe online and importing it. For example, if you go to a restaurant and order African peanut stew, punch that into Google, find a recipe that mirrors what’s on the menu and pop the URL into the Recipe Importer!
  • Quickly Import Your Recipe Book: If you have recipes already recorded in a digital format, like a word doc, PDF or excel sheet, use the ‘copy and paste ingredients’ functionality to quickly and easily import all of your offline creations.
  • Eating At A Friends House: Feel weird about asking your friends or family for a recipe but don’t want to miss clocking your nutrients? Try searching Google for a similar meal once you get home and paste the URL into the Recipe Importer. You can make adjustments and add or delete ingredients to better match the meal you ate during the import process.

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