Go For Gold: 7 Reasons To Upgrade Your Subscription

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Go for Gold!

All of us at Cronometer thrive on empowering our users with comprehensive, accurate nutrition data. As such, we’ve created a version of our app, accessed for free, which does everything that most people need to reach their health goals. But, if you’re looking to further enhance your Crono tracking experience, here are some top reasons you might want to consider upgrading to our Gold Subscription.

1. Ditch The Ads

Stay focused on the task at hand and get rid of the 3rd party advertisements. Gold Subscribers use Cronometer completely ad-free.

no ads
speed up
2. Speed Up The Process

Upgrading to our Gold Subscription gives you access to features which make logging and tracking your food much easier. Our Recipe Importer, for instance, allows you to take a URL from your favourite recipe site and import it as your own custom recipe. Gold Users can also share custom foods and recipes with other Cronometer users, making your partner, friend or family members tracking a breeze as well!

3. Get Schooled (Or Scored)

If you’re finding yourself missing the easy-to-digest percentile grades from your school days, Nutrition Scores are here to help! Get an overall score for how well you’re meeting your goals by upgrading to Gold. Gold Subscribers can choose from twelve different Nutrition Scores including all targets, electrolytes, immune, antioxidants, bone health, metabolism, blood health, oral health or even keto.

nutrition score
diary page
4. Customize The App

When you upgrade to our Gold Subscription, you have the ability to create custom Diary Groups, which keep your food, exercise and biometric entries neat & tidy. You’re also able to create Custom Biometrics and Custom Charts to meet your individual needs and to satisfy even the ultimate data-nerds – no judgement whatsoever, we can all relate! 

5. Get More Insights

Upgrading to Gold gives you access to more insights and data. You can view a Nutrition Report, Charts and Trends over any time period. You can also create an easy to read PDF to print and give to your healthcare professional. 

insights graph
6. Time Your Fasts

With our Fasting Timer, you can easily time and track your fasts and plot biometric or nutrition data points into Custom Charts to compare. 

7. Support A Company You Love

We’re a small Canadian company trying our best to to help all of you! By upgrading to Gold, you’re doing your part to ensure we can keep improving our app everyday. 

crono love

Are you ready to upgrade to Gold? Click here

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