How To Set A Repeating Food or Recipe (Gold Feature)

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Setting Up Recurring Foods In Cronometer

This long awaited feature is bound to save you tons of time while logging the foods and recipes you eat on the daily. Set your morning coffee, supplements or after dinner treat on repeat to cut down time spent tracking.

Repeat Items is a feature only available to Cronometer Gold subscribers. If you haven’t already, here are a few reasons why you might want to consider upgrading. Looking to sign up? Head to the plans page on web or click ‘Get Gold’ on the More tab of the mobile app. 

Read below to learn how you can set and schedule repeating foods, meals and recipes so you can log them in just one tap.

What Is A Repeat Item?

A Repeat Item is a food, meal or recipe that you can schedule to repeat at a specified time and on selected days of the week.

How To Create A Repeat Item

Create a Repeat Item on the mobile app by swiping right on a food or recipe >  tap ⋮ > Repeat. On the web app, right click on the item and click ‘Repeat Item’. 

Watch the video below or check the user manual article for detailed instructions – click here for web or click here for mobile

Adding The Item To Your Diary

When the item is scheduled, a prompt will appear on your Diary screen. Tap ‘Log Items’ to add the repeating item to your Diary. Items can only be logged for today’s date and prompts will not be shown on past or future dates. 

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