Samsung Health is Here!

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Drum roll, please…

Android users, we know you’ve been asking for this one for a while!

We did it! It’s here! Welcome, Samsung Health!

It has been quite the process – cutting through red tape, perfecting the integration for a seamless sync – which makes delivering it to you so much sweeter!

What does this mean for you? Exercise and biometrics entered with Samsung Health sync to Cronometer, and biometrics entered with Cronometer sync to Samsung Health. Plus, if you have a Samsung wearable that data will be transferred via Samsung Health too!

How to Sync Samsung Health with Cronometer:

  1. Tap on Connect Samsung Health in Settings Menu
  2. Enter Samsung Health login details
  3. Allow Samsung Health Permissions
  4. Land back on the Settings Menu with confirmation dialog
  5. Samsung Health data should now be automatically imported and exported 

Please note:
You need to disconnect from Google Fit before connecting to Samsung Health.

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