By Request, More Features!

Thanks to some feedback in our forums, we’ve added a few new features today:

  • It is now possible to copy all the items from the previous day to the current day.  This is very useful for people that typically eat the same thing every day.
  • As an option in the nutritional summary (Trends Panel) you can now specify if the time range should include the current day or not. For example, if you were viewing the past 7 days, but have incomplete information for the current day, then they averaged would be brought down by the current incomplete day. A new checkbox was added that will shift the time range back a day, to get more accurate averages.
  • Sugars can now be broken down by 6 different types (glucose, fructose, lactose, etc…). By default they are hidden, but if you require tracking of these you can enabled them by going to your profile page and editing the target settings. Beware that the data for these sugars is not complete for all items in the USDA food database, so the totals may be under-represented.

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