Cronometer Pro Frequently Asked Questions

Cronometer Pro Frequently Asked Questions
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Welcome to our comprehensive FAQ guide on Cronometer Pro. Whether you’re a seasoned expert or just starting out, we understand that questions abound in this ever-evolving field. This blog post is designed to address the most common queries and provide you with reliable answers so you can best help your clients reach their goals.

Do clients pay for their subscription?

No, clients receive free access to Cronometer Gold for the duration they are listed as a client on your Pro account.

What happens when I remove a client?

When you remove a client, their data remains intact on their personal account. Their app simply reverts to the free version of Cronometer. They can continue to track in the free app, or upgrade to Gold if they choose. If you re-add the client in the future, you’ll regain access to any of their historic data.

What contributes to my billable space?

Any client listed on your list including pending invitations contributes to your billable space.

What resources are available for me to learn more?

We have many resources for you at your disposal. For starters visit our Quick Start Guide and User Manual to find more information or contact us if you have any questions. 

What data sources do you use?

Cronometer sources data from over 10 verified sources including the USDA, NCCDB and Trustwell (ESHA). You can view a full list of our data sources and information on how we manage our database here.

Do I qualify for Enterprise?

Enterprise refers to entities requiring specific procurement of implementation procedures to use Cronometer. The functionality of the platform remains the same. If you believe your organization requires specific documentation to implement Cronometer, you can contact our sales team.

How much is a Pro account?

Pro is $39.99 per month for up to 10 clients, subsequent clients are $2.50 each per month. Billing is dynamic to provide you with ultimate flexibility in managing your client numbers.

Do you offer annual rates?

Yes. If your organization requires an annual rate, please contact us here.

What devices do you support?

The Cronometer Pro platform, which is used to view your clients information, can be used in a web browser on any computer. Cronometer itself, however, which your clients use to log their food, can be used on a web browser or any iOS or Android device.

Do you connect with other health apps and devices?

Cronometer integrates with a vast selection of devices. You and your clients can sync Cronometer with Apple Health, Google Fit, Samsung Health, WHOOP, Oura and Garmin to name a few. You can view our full list of supported devices here.

Can I export data?

Yes! You can export data with Cronometer, as well as use our built-in tools including the Nutrition Report and Charts.

Can I see a demo?

Upon sign up, you’ll have access to a free 30-day trial of the platform. Sign up here or register for one of our weekly webinars to get a look at the platform prior to signing up for an account.

What platforms do you integrate with?

Everfit, Kalix & Practice Better have access to Cronometer’s API. Select nutrition data from Cronometer can be accessed via those platforms.

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