New & Improved: Latest Releases On Cronometer Pro

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New & Improved: The Latest Updates On Cronometer Pro

Whether you’re a nutritionist, dietitian or doctor, we know that the health and wellness of your clients is your top priority. We want to make you and your clients’ experience with our app as seamless as possible and are continuing to work on improving our product to better serve your needs. Below are some of the latest updates we’ve made to Cronometer Pro. 

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february 9, 2022
  • Introducing Messaging: we’re thrilled to announce that we’ve introduced messaging functionality to Cronometer Pro accounts! You can now open a chat window and message each of your clients. Communication is quick, easy and secure. Learn how to do it here, or click the button below to jump right in!
november 10, 2021
  • Improvements To Food Sharing: we’ve made some serious improvements to how to share foods and recipes with your clients. You can now select a custom food and share it with one client, multiple clients or all of your clients. You can also now view and edit your clients’ custom foods and recipes.
September 18, 2021
  • User Interface Upgrades: You might notice that the app got a much needed face lift! Along with some major design upgrades, we’ve also moved the main navigation bar from the tabs at the top to the left hand side. We think this vertical navigation bar makes adding clients and sharing foods so much easier! 
the client app - recent updates

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