Development Update

Well, I’ve been in a deep-coding mindset the past two days and a lot of progress has been made. I’m using an awesome developer service called bitbucket to host my code. It’s a mercurial source control management system complete with a nice bug tracker and wiki tools. Looking through the past two days of commits, I can see a lot of changes:

  • Revamped the FOODS tab and made it look pretty
  • Squashed a lot of bugs with editing foods and recipes
  • Improved login security
  • Replaced deprecated GWT components like DockPanel and the GWT Vizualizations (graphs)
  • Added a nice pop-up help button for slick embedded help. I plan to make use of this a lot.
  • Added keyboard shortcuts like tab & enter, and delete key in core data entry UI
  • The app keeps it’s session alive with the server now, so you don’t get logged out with inactivity
  • Lots of improvements to the aesthetics

It’s been busy, productive time.

What’s next on the todo list?

  • More Bug Squashing!
  • Better charts and graphs
  • Importing data for the open source standalone CRON-O-Meter

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