Hidden Features

There are a few hidden features we’d like to take a moment to point out for you power-users.

In the diary, you can now multi-select entries by shift-clicking the items. This will filter the nutrition summary below to show totals for just your selection. This is very useful if you want to see how a particular meal contributes to your nutrition.

Right-clicking (or control-clicking) on an entry or set of selected entries will show a context-sensitive pop-up menu from which you can view, delete, or copy the selected items. Copied items can be pasted using the widget menu, allowing whole meals to be copied between days.

Gold subscribers also gain the ability to quickly create a new Recipe from a set of selected items.

Another sneaky feature is the ability to enter negative amounts. This can be useful if you have a recipe like a Breakfast smoothy that you normally make with a banana. If you made one with just half a banana, you can then enter -0.5 of a banana to subtract the missing ingredient from your totals:



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