Je parle un peu français…

Today’s new version adds some preliminary support for languages. Don’t get too excited — it’s just a baby step in the direction of having full translations.

To kick things off, we’ve added food data from the Canadian Nutrient File (CNF).  This database contains roughly 5800 food items, although many are derived from the USDA dataset, slightly modified to reflect some Canadian differences. These items are provided with both English and French names.

We’ve expanded our database to handle foods having different names in different languages.  Now, by default searching for foods will search in all available languages (if you don’t want French items coming up in your results, just set the search filter to English only.

Brave French speaking users may also want to change their ‘preferred language’ under the Profile tab. This will show the names of foods, food categories, and other user interface elements in French when available. However, until a fuller translation is available, it may be strange to have so much French and English mixed together.


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