Using Cronometer On The Keto Diet

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Tips For Using Cronometer On The Ketogenic Diet

We know that a ton of our users are following a ketogenic diet, so we’ve created several features and functionality in the app to make reaching your keto goals a bit easier. Follow along for a few tips and tricks to help get the most out of your Cronometer account while on a keto diet.  

Set Your Macros With The Keto Calculator

If you’re a bit lost as to how you should be setting your macros in order to follow a keto diet, look no further than the keto calculator! Watch the video above or check out the user manual to learn how to use it on mobile or web. You can set how stringent you want to adhere to a keto program, with options of rigorous, moderate, relaxed or custom.

Sync A Breath or Blood Ketone Monitor Device

You can integrate ketone breath and  blood ketone monitors into your Cronometer account to assess your progress within the app. We currently support integrations with Biosense and Ketomojo.

Watch our video on how to sync a device to learn how to connect them with your account.  

Keep An Eye On Your Ketogenic Nutrition Score

By upgrading to Gold, you’ll have access to our Nutrition Scores feature, which includes a Ketogenic score.

This gives you an overall percentage for how well you’re:

  • Hitting your targets for total fat
  • Staying under your limit for net carbs
  • Achieving your protein target without going over your maximum threshold
  • Eating at least 4000 mg sodium
  • Meeting your targets for potassium, magnesium, water and fiber.


Learn more about the Ketogenic Nutrition Score here.

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Dial In With Accurate Entries

If you’re looking for real results, accuracy is your friend and that’s where Cronometer shines the brightest!

As much as possible, try to enter food from our NCCDB or USDA databases, which have the best and most comprehensive nutrient profiles. This will ensure you’re getting realistic and accurate values for net carbs, fats and protein on your Nutrition Report.

If possible, we also recommend using a food scale to get down to the nitty gritty and to be 100% confident in your data.

If accuracy is your priority, here are more ways to get the best data.

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