3 Reasons Why Knowing Yourself is Key to Living a Happy and Healthy Life

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It's Time To Know Yourself
We’re on a mission to get more people in tune with their bodies. Why? Because when you know what you need to feel your best, you can make informed decisions that have a lasting positive impact on your personal health.

Our Know Yourself Ambassadors have been sharing why they think it’s so important to know yourself, and here are a few more reasons why we believe it’s the key to living your most joyful life.
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1. Give your body what it needs to thrive
When we spoke to Strength and Conditioning Specialist Ilan Cumberbirch about knowing yourself, he made the point that “you don’t put low-octane fuel in a jet engine.” And we totally agree. When it comes to nutrition and personal wellness, you definitely get out what you put in.

All of our bodies are different, so figuring out which specific nutrients your body needs to run most effectively is crucial to feeling fully energized and ready to take on whatever life throws at you.
2. Feel good about your decisions
Our Lead Nutrition Scientist, Karen, likes to say that food doesn’t have morals and that we as a society are the ones labelling food as good or bad. The truth is, all food contains nutrients. Increasing your knowledge about which foods contain which nutrients and having a better understanding of what your body needs at any given time; will empower you to make decisions that align with your goals and your lifestyle. You might even be able to rid yourself of the shame and guilt that comes along with “cheating” your diet.

For intersectional vegans like Know Yourself Ambassador, Cherise Daly, that means using Cronometer’s Nutrition Scores for reassurance that nutrients like B12 and Vitamin D are taken care of. “I have a better idea of what I’m eating and what I can do when I’m lower in certain macros or concerned about my nutrition,” Cherise said about knowing herself. “I’ve gained the knowledge of which foods include which specific nutrients, and as a result I’ve been able to more confidently talk to my doctor and nutritionist about my plans to stay on track.
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3. See real-time results with your goals
Setting personal objectives and hitting them is a major part of feeling fulfilled in our daily lives. Whether your own goals are related to health, career or personal relationships, how much you understand yourself directly impacts your ability to knock them out of the park.

“I have more energy and recover much faster with adequate nutrition. I tend to eat way less food than I need if I don’t track my meals. Keeping an eye on my nutrition has allowed me to avoid deficiencies on a vegan diet and get back to optimal shape in six to eight weeks.” — Know Yourself Ambassador, Joëlle Beauchamp

Knowing yourself also gives you the benefit of being able to more easily recognize when you’ve succeeded in your goals, you can actively see and feel the positive results.

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