New Feature: Community Foods

Having a large database of high quality food items is crucial  for a tool like CRON-O-Meter to be useful. It currently has over 8000 items from the USDA public database. However, this database is missing many commercial products and fast food items.

Today we’ve rolled out a new feature: The ability to publish your custom foods into the community database (‘CRDB’) so that all CRON-O-Meter users can benefit from them.

For the time being, foods must be approved for inclusion by a curator (that’s me). To submit one of your custom foods to the community database, open your food in the food editor and click the ‘Share’ button. You have two options:  You can share your actual food item, in which case you will no longer be able to edit the item once it becomes part of the public database. For the time being, only curators will currently be able to edit these public food items. If you want to retain a copy of the item that you can still edit, you can choose the share a copy instead.

If you’ve spent any time entering in custom food items from product labels, consider sharing them so everyone else can be spared the trouble!

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