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Way to go! If you’re landing on this page, we’re making the assumption that you’ve made it past our basics and level up tips and tricks and you’re ready to graduate to a master user. If that’s the case, you’re in the right place. Below we’ll show you some high level tricks to get you one step closer to hacking your health!

1. The ⋮ Menu

On both the mobile and the web app the ⋮ menu on your diary screen can unlock loads of additional functionality. Try the multi-select option on the mobile app to select an entire meal and ‘copy to today’. Or use the ‘mark day complete’ function for easier analysis of your vitamin and mineral intake later on.

2. Negative Serving Sizes

Did you know that on the web app you can log negative servings of food in your diary? This functionality comes in extra handy when you’ve eaten something like a burger without the bun. Log the NCCDB entry for a burger with your fixin’s then log a negative serving for the bun. 

3. Changing Cooked Weight

If you’re among one of our many users who treats their kitchen scale like the goddess of truth and accuracy, then this function is for you! There is a functionality within the app that allows you to change the weight of a recipe after it’s been cooked. This helps account for water loss during the cooking process.

When creating a recipe, click on the ‘set cooked recipe weight’ button on mobile or ‘Advanced Info’ on web and plug in the final weight of your recipe for the utmost accuracy in your data! 

4. Leverage Your Biometrics

If you want to really step up your Cronometer game, start tracking biometrics such as blood glucose, body temperature, stool & sleep. Some of the devices we sync with will even feed this information into your account automatically. Try a Withings Smart Scale or an Oura Ring.

Use our charts feature to keep track of any trends that can be identified in your behaviour. One of our staff members, Karen likes to track when she gets migraines and plots it against other nutrients (like caffeine or magnesium) to see if there are any patterns.

Pro Tip

By upgrading to our Gold Subscription, you'll be able to create your own Custom Biometrics and see Custom Charts, plotting this data against any data points, across any time period. 

5. Home Screen Widgets & Quick Actions

With home screen and lock screen widgets, you can quickly glance at Cronometer data without needing to open the app. Choose from Energy Consumed, Energy Remaining or (for Gold subscribers) Fasting widgets. Learn how on iOS or Android.

Also from the home screen of your phone, you can long-tap on the Cronometer icon and it will bring up quick actions where you can easily select Add Food, Add Exercise, Add Biometric or Scan Barcode. 

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